The Salmon River in Lincoln County is small by Oregon Coastal Salmon stream standards, it runs for 24 miles through the Coast Range before spilling into the Pacific in a natural estuary near Cascade Head. The smallish size of the river means it’s not possible to run it in a traditional drift boat. Smaller crafts are capable of reaching our section of river if they come upstream from the launch at Knights Landing.

This property is only four river miles from the Pacific, and just above the head of tide. It’s also 3/4 miles downstream from a State Chinook hatchery. Our access to the property is through actively used horse pasture. Closing gates properly behind you is extremely important. When walking to the river we cross horse pastures and horses are likely to come look you over in search of head scratches. They’re very gentle and love people but if you have a fear of horses, this may not be the property for you.

Species of Fish: