Exclusive Fishing Club in Oregon

Oregon Fishing Club is the only private fishing club in Oregon with exclusive access to 37 privately held Northwest Oregon fishing properties. All of our lake and pond properties are located within two hours of Portland.

By becoming a member, you and everyone in your immediate family will have the privilege of accessing our Club 365 days per year without reservations. Or, with a reservation and a $10 fee, you can reserve one of our picturesque campsites for an overnight stay.

Private Lakes and Rivers

A Club membership gives you access to 20 picturesque lakes and ponds and 17 locations along some of the area’s most beautiful rivers. Each area is a serene and peaceful place to enjoy swimming, canoeing, or hiking. Several of our properties even allow overnight camping.

You will notice a complete contrast between our properties and the overcrowded, littered, and often vandalized rivers and ponds that are available for public fishing. Due to our ongoing hard work and efforts made by member work parties, you will be sure to find each of our properties to be pristine and pleasing. We are constantly improving each of our private fishing environments by encouraging the growth of native vegetation and attempting to control the growth of aggressive weeds.


Our fresh still waters already contain an abundance of bass and panfish, but we also pack each of our ponds and lakes routinely with rainbow trout for an extra challenge. Some of these additions can weigh over six pounds and grow to more than 30 inches in length! Fishing enthusiasts love to come to Oregon Fishing Club for trout and steelhead fishing, salmon fishing, and bass fishing. Whether you prefer fly fishing, bait cast fishing, or a cane pole, Oregon Fishing Club welcomes all kinds of anglers. No matter your school or skill level, our private lakes and rivers offer waters appropriate for your preference. Remember, a state fishing license is not required to fish in any of our private lakes or ponds, though it is required for river fishing.


With 13 of our fishing properties containing campgrounds, you are nearly guaranteed to find a campsite available at a moment’s notice. Our campsites are acquired by reservation only, and require a minor fee of $10 per night. Recreational vehicles are always welcome.

All campsites have picnic tables, fire rings, porta-potties, garbage cans, and flat grassy areas where you can easily pitch your tent. Because we maintain all trails, roadways, docks, garbage cans, and toilets, you can rest assured that your campsite will be well-maintained and tidy. You will usually be the only people on a property at a given time, and won’t have to deal with noisy neighbors.


We are growing with each passing season and always adding new members.

You can choose from different membership plans.
– Three-year membership, $975 entry fee + $180/quarter dues
– Six-year membership, $1,400 entry fee + $180/quarter dues
– Ten-year membership, $1,950 entry fee + $180/quarter dues
– Non-transferable lifetime membership, $3,300 entry fee + $180/quarter dues
– Transferable lifetime membership, $4,900 entry fee + $180/quarter dues

Oregon Fishing Club members will also receive a quarterly newsletter that contains member photos, fishing tips, and an itinerary of upcoming events. In addition, members will regularly receive an e-fishing report with information on suggestions on where to fish and current fishing conditions.