Oregon Fishing Club offers a membership that provides access to exclusive waters for fishing for everyone from more serious fly fishermen to the occasional, recreational fishermen in and around Portland, Oregon.

Oregon Fishing Club has provided responsible members with access to high-quality fishing and camping on private properties for more than 30 years. The Club currently offers exclusive access to 37 private fishing properties throughout Northwest Oregon, including 21 lakes and ponds, 19 rivers, and 13 camping locations. The OFC membership gives access to your immediate family, and guest privileges are provided, as well. Members can access our private fishing sites 365 days a year, no reservations needed. This kind of freedom is perfect for spontaneous fishing trips. While on Club properties, members are required to wear Club ID and use a vehicle parking pass. Most properties are secured by locked gates. We anticipate continued growth and property expansion as we invite new members to join OFC.

On our 20 private lakes and ponds, the Club sets its own rules. Therefore, a state fishing license is not required for our members to fish on these properties. Most of the lakes and ponds receive routine plantings of Rainbow Trout ranging in size from 12 inches to 6 pounds. Most still waters also have healthy populations of bass and panfish. Many of our Club still waters are “catch and release only.” Others do allow limited fish take. Some of our ponds are the perfect places for taking children fishing, as many have well-maintained fishing docks. On the Club’s 17 river locations, state fishing regulations do prevail, and a fishing license is required. River properties are selected for good shoreline access to salmon, steelhead, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and smallmouth bass. Because of less fishing pressure, you will find that you catch more fish compared to popular public locations.

The Club has 13 private properties that offer camping, so there is always a campsite available. Camping is by reservation only, and it comes with a small fee of $10 per night. Our campsites feature flat and grassy areas, picnic tables, fire rings, garbage cans, and porta-potties. Recreational Vehicles are welcome. When camping, you are usually the only people staying on the property at that time, so you don’t have to worry about noisy neighbors with loud radios. Instead, you will have the opportunity to enjoy nature’s quiet solitude. At all locations, OFC maintains trails, roadways, porta-potties, and garbage cans regularly.

The Club maintains its properties to ensure clean, pleasant environments for all members to enjoy. Through ongoing efforts and member work parties, the Club strives to improve the environments of our lakes and ponds by controlling invasive weeds and promoting the growth of positive, native plants. By improving the environment, we create a more enjoyable place to fish, camp, picnic, canoe, hike, bird watch, mountain bike, ride horses, swim, relax, read a book, and explore the outdoors. Club Members enjoy their favorite outdoor pastime without the overcrowding and litter found at many public areas.

Stay Informed
Members receive a quarterly newsletter full of fishing tips, member photos, and announcements of upcoming events, clinics, work parties, and more. Members also receive the regularly distributed E-Fishing Report with information on current fishing conditions as well as suggestions on where to go and what to use. Upon joining the Club, new members receive a notebook full of Property Fliers with maps including GPS coordinates that show how to find each property. Also included are easy-to-read graphs of catch data for the rivers to help you maximize on the best fish we have to offer throughout our private locations.

Membership Options
If you are interested in becoming a member of Oregon Fishing Club, your options are three-year, six-year, ten-year, lifetime, and lifetime transferable memberships. The entry fee for each membership term vary. Quarterly Dues of $180 are required by all to maintain membership.

Membership TermEntry FeeQuarterly Dues
Three Year$975$180
Six Year$1,400$180
Ten Year$1,950$180
Lifetime Non-Transferable$3,300$180
Lifetime Transferable$4,900$180


For More Info
Please contact us to learn more about the benefits of OFC membership. We will be happy to send you a packet of detailed information. To join Oregon Fishing Club, prospective members must first accompany an OFC representative on a tour of our Club property.