Blue Den Lake and Pond are located on the grounds of the Blue Den Ranch, a multi-generational family owned farm and timber holding. It is located about 35 minutes SE of Salem, (about 1 hour drive from Wilsonville). The lake is nine surface acres and is up to 12 feet in depth. Built in 1970’s by the landowners, the lake has been used for family recreation ever since. Blue Den Lake has well established shoreline vegetation and overhanging trees providing shading and structure. Situated in a beautiful wooded setting, far from the sounds of traffic and town, Blue Den Lake is a peaceful getaway for anglers.

Blue Den Lake has trout ranging in size from 12 inches up to over 6 pounds. It is easily accessible by a trail that surrounds the entire lake. You will also find a bridge that leads to one of the two islands. There is also a nice boat launch area for float-tubers or other small water craft. No parking is allowed at the boat launch, because of limited space. After launching your boat you must park in the designated area just down the hill from the lake. No gas motors are allowed, but electric trolling motor use is fine.

Blue Den Pond is a small 3/4 acre trout water up to 8 feet deep. Trout in the pond range in size from 8 inches up to 14 inches.

Species of Fish: